TV Cloud

Your end-to-end solution to maximize your media coverage and monetization with mobile internet


To build a brand new eco-system for tv media
in the trending of mobile internet


The world first technology team focusing on mobile internet video streaming service, success cases include China Unicom WAP video project, CNTV APP, Xinhua News Agency APP, Mango TV APP and etc;
The flagship products, CIBN Mobile TV and CIBN World, have served over 150 million globe users and 5 million daily active users with the support from TVCloud, which in turn foster the stability and scalability of TVCloud and accumulate business experiences, clients and channels resource for the platform;
Our video fingerprint identification technology makes traditional media organizations, mobile internet users and advertisers to their best matching point;
The innovated P4P strategy based on years optimization of networking between self-owned CDN and 3rd-party CDN could reduce the bandwidth cost to the maximum extent;
Our team of video and advertising experts is ready to work with you to design, develop and deploy differentiated viewer experiences that adapt with your mobile internet audience.

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